My time in Amman and around was short but amazing. Middle East, I'll be back.


The outdoor bathroom must be one of the greatest things about living in Wadi Rum: you can brush your teeth in the morning sun.

Zooming out

5+ months in Amman and around, 5+ months later I'm running out of pictures. Should go back soon.

Have a seat

In Amman it's not unusual to find a seats on the streets. Whether you are actually able to sit on them or not.

Found in translation

In the Arabic-speaking countries I often got lost in translation. In Amman I also once found myself in it.

The moon is falling

My little pink camera could not handle the nighttime in Amman - it made the moon drop.

Take me to your leader

Of course these little creatures spread all over Jerusalem might also only be waterposts.

Lion of Judah over Jaffa

The moon was sadly shining over the Lion of Israel in Jerusalem's Jaffa Road (רחוב יפו‎, Rehov Yaffo, شارع يافا‎). Don't worry moon, it will get better.

Blocks and rocks

Amman is quite a stone town.

Mango street in my mind

I used to walk on Omar bin al-Khattab street almost every day. Too bad I rarely took pictures. Here are some last memories.


How embarrasing. I was quite ill, but I guess it's not reason enough for this being my only photo from the amazing ancient city of Jericho.

Stars and Bucks and such

Brilliant branding in Bethlehem: Red Shoe Exhibition, Nice Lady, Watch-maker and most importantly Stars & Bucks Coffee. Also the coffee in this Palestinian chain lived up to our expectations.

Following Yasser Arafat street

I bet there are many streets named after him in Palestine. This one is in Bethlehem.

B is for Bethlehem

Pictures from a little walking tour in the narrow streets of the old city of Bethlehem.


In this house in Bethlehem, surrounded on three sides by the wall, lives a Christian Palestinian family. They described their way of life as being in "an open-air prison".

Testimony wall

On this part of the separation barrier in Bethlehem people have posted their stories of house demolitions and other incidents related to the conflict.

Which way to East Berlin?

There have been, are and will be more separation barriers somewhat like the one in the West Bank. This does not mean it's right.

Beautiful revolution

Bethlehem's own Lady of Liberty. 

Banksy in Bethlehem

We found three of his street art pieces in Bethlehem, though only one of them was on the the actual separation barrier and others on different walls. There are plenty more Banksy graffiti in the West Bank / Palestine.